The Yaath (plural: Yaathen) is the main currency in Venera. It is used by all of the races and is a very important part in Venerian life and economy. Yaathen are made out of complete gold, no other metal is in the coin. The name Yaath comes from Lilyath, who was the creator of Mahnuj, Kalgranoon, and essentially, Venera.

The Yaath is a large gold coin. On one side, known commonly as "the Head", is a profile of what is believed to be Lilyath's face. On the other side, known as "the Rear" a picture of Venera is shown along with text across the bottom of the coin that reads, "LILYATH GIVES US STRENGTH".

Yaathen, along with its counterpart Direk, are created in The Great Spire. Currently Yaath is very hard to come across and various people have noted that very few new coins are being circulated. What this means is not yet known, but some believe that something has gone wrong at The Spire.