Xephyr Bleakwind
Alises: The Masked Man
Race: Vasil
Age: Unknown
Status: Deceased

Xephyr Bleakwind was a corrupt mage who eventually submitted to Draath's wrath. He helped the Last Zurgator escape and attack Venera. It is believed that the mage may have been possessed by something as some report seeing him and Lazerak go off into unknown places. The mage eventually became the last Zurgator's follower and gained a Zurgator Mask. With this he became known as The Masked Man and caused further havoc among the denizens. Under the guise of The Masked Man, Xephyr would go on to help The Forgotten One, Der'ge.


Xephyr as The Masked Man.

One day both Der'ge and Xephyr were attacking the small settlement of Sordan when they were met by a group of warriors led by Lazerak. The pair tried to fight off the group but it was no use. Der'ge created a portal to The Great Spire and jumped into it before it was too late. However, Xephyr was not so lucky, we was surrounded and killed. His body would later on be buried in a tomb built specifically for him.

Many years later, the Necromancer Morgoth reached Xephyr's tomb. Morgoth was instructed by Der'ge to resurrect Xephyr to full life but was met by opposition. The spell was done hastily and therefore rather poorly. Xephyr remained only half brain-dead. He was not as mindless as a mere zombie might be, but never the less he was still, quite mindless. Zombie Xephyr traversed the lands looking for nothing in particular. He met with Jade, a former love interest of his and then went on. It is said that then Zombie Xephyr came upon an odd Mask. The mask latched itself onto Xephyr's head and completely took him over. This mask would later be revealed to be The Mask of Insanity. With Xephyr under it's control Insanity went to the town. However it was met by a very distraught Jade, along with a small group. A fight broke out which ultimately ended in the decapitation of Xephyr. Jade then brought his head back to the tomb he was buried in before.