Religious Belief

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A Diamond Amulet

Veldoran is said to be the god of wisdom and magic. Currently Veldoran leads the other gods and is seen as the main god taking Lilyaths place. Veldoran created the Vasil and is praised mainly by them. Veldoran is also praised by many magic users because of his title and the belief that he created magic. Veldoran is lastly credited for creating the Circlet Of Vengeance which is said to keep the Karkien realm closed off from Venera.

The whereabouts of Veldoran at the dawn of the Third Era are currently unknown. It is believed the gods may have locked themselves outside of Mahnuj. At the beginning of the Third Era during the Years of Wandering, the Vasil were led to the far corners of Kalgranoon by the Lukaza to regain their numbers. They led hard lives of struggle and suffering upon the wastes and gradually began to lose faith that Veldoran would return to them. Upon the wastes, they came into contact with the one known as the Blue Sprite, who saved them from extinction by leading them to the desert oasis that later became the town of Aethelhel. They established a shrine to this mysterious being and now honor it as the protective deity of their people. Belief in Veldoran stays alive in the traditions of the Vasil elders who call Aethelhel their home.

Religious Depiction

Veldoran is depicted as a tall Vasil in beautiful robes holding a large white staff with bright blue runic symbols surrounding his figure. His stone is the Diamond which is said if found or worn it will bring the finder/wearer wisdom and cunning.