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The Two Towers.

Ancient History

The Two Towers is a place that has been in Venera since before the fall. The two Adrazi, Tharoon the Blue and Larzerak Metorski reside there. This area is known for its mysterious magic's and most notably Tharoon's magical experiments which often end in disaster. It is said these towers house most of Venera's magical texts. The towers were built many years ago before The Fall by an unknown peoples. Eventually Tharoon and Larzerak moved into the towers and ever since that day it has become a place of magical study. After the discovery of "The Eye of Veldoran" in the early years after the fall, it resides in Tharoon's tower and it remains under continuous study to this day. This sphere illuminates Tharoon's tower making it quite the landmark. Mages, alchemists, and wizards alike visit the towers often in search of magical knowledge. Currently the towers reside in an area between Sashie Rah and High Serath. This land is not owned by either city, it is considered neutral.

Post Venera Crisis

Both towers have been destroyed for unknown reasons and are now another ruin doting Veneras landscape. The Adrazi Tharoon has died and Lazerak has left on his own accord, leaving the ruins to the people of Venera to use as they see fit.


  • This landmark was originally refereed to as The Twin Towers. However, this name was changed due to obvious reasons.