The Formation of the Order

The Order of the Blue Diamond is a group of monks, priests, elders, wisemen, and warriors who were formed during the Years of Wandering by the joining of the Mu'go'dai'chi (Ku'ponese Monks) and The Lukaza. Their standard is a Blue Diamond with an inscribed golden circle in the center representing the Tetrad, The Golden Pom-Pom of Ku'pon, and the mysterious being known as the "Blue Sprite". representing They are a mysterious group and their deepest intentions are not fully understood. They wander the wasteland healing the injured, alleviating suffering, and combating the rampant pirates known as the Dustmen. They have a shrine in Galax and serve the denizens of Kalgranoon without discrimination.

Over the years, individuals from several other groups have joined the Order such as the Elder Vasil of Aethelhel, The Church of Galax, and the Saurian Elders. Their numbers are still meager, but it is the smallest acts of kindness that can make the biggest difference in such a harsh world. They are the keepers of the ancient ways of the pre-Karkien world, supposedly under the guidance of "The Blue Sprite" and perhaps even the Moogles.

They are said to have a lot to do with the politics of the post-Karkien wasteland, even though they rarely have a public presence. Conspiracy theorists have established many unusual and complex hypotheses surrounding them.