The Karkien Lords or Karkien Gods are the names given to the gods Asurmen created in secret before taking refuge in Karkien. Currently there are only six known Karkien Lords. It is, however, possible that more may exist.


Agathor is known as the Karkien Lord of greed and power. Not much is known about this obscure lord.


Jeezela is the Karkien Lord of lies, mischief, and deceit. She is currently the only known female lord. Near the Fall it was said that Jeezla was said to be slain by Lilyath in battle. It was later revealed that she somehow escaped and was hiding in Vanteria where she terrorized the denizens with wild plants and odd flowers. She was later exiled back to Karkien. Jeezla is said to rule over a sect of Karkien known as The Web of Lies. Many people associate her with spiders.


Kudara is the Karkien Lord of pestilence, decay, and filth. He was the first Karkien Lord created by Asurmen following The Fall. He is also known as The Lord of Plague, and The Rotter. It was him that placed a deadly plague over the Larcellions, almost killing them completely. He has a strong dislike for cleanliness and is considered to be vile and repulsing.


Shaa-dur is the Karkien Lord of pleasure, lust, and fornication. It was said that he was created to be the opposite of Veldoran. Due to the conflicting views of him and Veldoran, the Black and White Dragon war was spawned. Shaa-dur's sect of Karkien is known as Plezurka. He is one of the most highly worshiped Karkien Lord.


Taritain is the Karkien Lord of torture, agony, and war. He rules over the sect of Karkien known as Tortarian, which is said to be piled to the brim with dead corpses. Taritain is commonly depicted as a Minotaur. The majority of his followers fear him.


Zahruff is the Karkien Lord of insatiable hunger and the hunt. He rules over the deep, dark bone-chillingly cold midnight forest Karkien Sect named Veiðrholt. He is commonly depicted as a humanoid dire-wolf. Most of his followers hail from the frozen isle of Ishdaar in the far reaches of Kalgranoon.