The Great Spire is believed to have been a large government facility located somewhere in Venera. Its location was top secret and therefore not known by many. It is not known who the group is that operates inside The Spire.

It has been said that Jermain Dirak, along with a small group of serfs, marched to The Spire, to demand that the needs of the poor people be met. This later resulted in the creation of the Dirak.

Venerian currency is created at The Spire and later circulated around the the continent. Some also believe the people who run The Spire have a profound say in the goings on of the other continents. The Spire holds many of the mysteries around Venera and may have held the answer to why the Protective Barrier began to act up.


  • The Great Spire was the next major area released to the public.
  • This happened once 15+ players were on the server at a time.