The Great Immigration was an event that took place in Venera. Bunches of people began to immigrate to Venera for a variety of reasons. The Great Immigration was the largest surge of people collectively moving into Venera at the current time. It brought people from all across the world and from every race, although Vasil and Kalnuur were the most common. The immigration brought a sense of happiness to the current inhabitants of Venera, and reassured them that people were still interested in the capital continent of Kalgranoon.

The Great Immigration also coincided with the breakage of the Protective Barrier. It is unknown if these two events have something in common or not. Some believe the return of The Lost Adrazi, Der'ge, may have something to do with it, since the Adrazi arrived with the group heading to Venera as part of the immigration. Other than that, no one is sure what was the cause of the breakage.


  • The Great Immigration is the RP name for the opening of the server, where a ton of new people entered the world.