Ancient History


The Chapel Of The Three Travelers

It is currently not known how The Chapel Of The Three Travelers was created however it has been in Venera since the first days of the Vasil. It is a small chapel made of thick stone and it has been carved into the highest mountain in Venera known as Gods Peak. In the first years of the chapels existence it was used as a palace for the leader of the Vasil and his peoples. After that It was believed to be a mansion for a very rich Kalnuur male. During the fall it took many positions, It was used as a military complex then as a Saurian refugee camp and eventually it was turned into what it is now, A church to the three travelers and a home to The Lukaza.

The Lukaza are the current owners of the chapel that protect and heal the peoples of Venera. This place has a holy aura to it and is seen as a place of peace not war. The sick or near death are often sent here to be healed by the Lukaza. The chapel is separated into three areas. The chapel itself, The Undercroft, and the Dar'la forest. The Dar'la forest is land that the Lukaza have opened to all the peoples of Venera. The forest is a place to get some materials and be off it is not meant to hold a building or something of that sort. In fact if a home was to be built in the forest the Lukaza would quickly dismantle it. The chapel itself is a place of prayer and healing but it can hold its own if a raid or attack of some sort were to take place.

Post-Venera Crisis 

The chapel was destroyed almost immediately after Der’ge destroyed the circlet, The undead hordes over ran it collapsing not only the chapel but the whole mountain along with it. The priests were massacred and the area was turned into a place of unholy worship.