Ancient HistoryEdit

While it is common for black sheep to travel in Venera there is one in particular that is believed to

The black sheep

hold mystic or magical powers. Many farmers and sheep herders tell stories about encountering this one particular sheep. Few of these stories have been passed down from generation to generation one in particular speaks of the sheep stalking liars and only appearing in storms. This tale was often told to dissuade children from telling lie or being deceitful. However many people say these tales are indeed true and that the black sheep travels Venera to this day. There is only one known published text that exists in Venera and it is extremely hard to find, It is titled " My Wool Is As Dark As My Soul " the author remains unknown however.

Modern HistoryEdit

No one is quite sure how or why but some people in Venera insist they have seen this sheep. Reports range from Adenhel all the way to The Great Spire. One thing is common in these stories however, whenever the sheep is seen is during a storm. Some have even gone on to report being stalked by the sheep. In one case a Saurian woman by the name of Je'kar took her own life saying in her journal that A black sheep would not stop following her and that she was pushed to it.