[The dates presented in this article are disputed and may not be accurate.]

It had been three hundred twenty six years since the fall, Venera had been in a constant state of repair and disarray. Most of the nations had repaired their cities and set up new borders. However, in year 305 a strange event occurred. A large portion of Venera became trapped in a strange invisible border. This trapped many citizens and caused widespread panic, Luckily a feast was being held in Sashie Rah and most of Veneras citizens were there before the borders came down. Many were detached from their families or died in the twenty one years after the borders went up. There were many attempts to escape or exit the borders, all failed. In one case a runaway thief pushed so deep into the border that it killed him. It was a frightening time in Venera, however many remained hopeful that the border would soon dissipate. The border contained a portion of Sashie Rah's nation and The Chapel Of The Three Travelers. As of the year 326 A.F, the border remained and showed little sign of disappearing.

The Protective Barrier, the name the denizens of Venera took to calling the border, began to break around 400 A.F. As such the monsters of the night were allowed access back into Venera and began terrorizing its people. The breakage of the barrier was even more dangerous since it happened the same day as The Great Immigration, many people were terrified and had little-to-no way to protect themselves. However, the Blue Wizard, Tharoon tried his best to protect his people. He casted an enchantment over Sashie Rah in an attempt to keep the Monsters from entering. Soon, the barrier began to fail; it is unknown what caused this.