The Az Rivudech is an ancient cult, comprised mostly of magi involved in the study of fire magic (or pyromancy). The organization, being very secretive, remain neutral in all affairs, often keeping to the shadows of their tunnel headquarters in which they reside. The men and women of the Az Rivudech tend to fake their own deaths upon joining, in an attempt to further mask the mysterious group in secrecy. Although little is known about the Az Rivudech, it is believed that they are hunters of the large birds, phoenixes. Speculators believe that the aim of the shadowy group is to capture one of the grand phoenixes and use their internal magic to fuel the Az Rivudech's own magical powers.



The Az Rivudech remained mostly unnoticed for several decades, (the exact date of their founding has been lost through time) gathering new recruits, and chasing the phoenixes of the world. The first appearance of the cult that had significance ocured shortly after the Larcellions were affected by the Kurdara plague. The Abyssal General, Miltonius fled his underground city, after witnessing it be corrupted by the Karkien Lord's virus. After escaping without being contagious, Miltonius searched the lands for a new home, eventually finding a small tunnel leading underground on the outskirts of Ne'Rah. Emerging from the tunnel, Miltonius found a large sandstone chamber, the center of which being obstructed by a large circular pit of molten rock, above which hung a broken cage. Miltonius soon found that the chamber was occupied, as he was attacked by a group of magi of the Az Rivudech. Miltonius soon escaped, and gained the trust of the cult by killing a nearby phoenix. He was soon accepted into the cult and became one with them.

A Town Called Pyre

Months later, a town sprung up to the southwest of Ne'Rah in the arid savanna. This town was called Pyre, and was inhabited by several undercover agents of the Az Rivudech. The town was unprofitable, leaving it nearly empty. Some months before the Karkien Decimation, the town was found massacred, and completely deserted. Miltonius too found that the Az Rivudech sandstone chambers were ransacked and demolished. After this point in time, the Az Rivudech returned to their secret ways, learning not to expose themselves as the Ne'Rah branch did.