Ruined statue of Taritain

Religious Belief 

Taritain is the Karkien god of torture and agony and was created by Asurmen as a symbol that referred to his feelings towards Lilyath's actions at the time before the fall. Taritain owns a portion of Karkien known as Tortarian a land of dark cages and deep caverns that are filled to the brim with the bodies of tortured souls.

Religious Depiction 

Taritain is depicted as being a wild beast man commonly referred to as a minotaur. Statues of Taritain often show him holding a whip known as The Whip of Pestilence and Wrath. Taritain is rarely praised and even the few who do praise him fear him. It is said Taritain wishes to enslave all of Venera to do his bidding. What that bidding may be no one can really say.