The settlement of Sordan

Ancient History

Sordan was created by a joint effort between Tharoon the Blue and lord Jhyn Devereux. Construction started roughly around 315 A.F. and continues to this day. Originally Sordan was supposed to be a city in the far reaches of the north however due to The Protective Barrier it has been shrunk to a very small settlement. The settlement remains open to all races and is located behind The Chapel Of The Three Travelers.

Post Venera Crisis 

Sordan was one of the first towns sacked by the hordes of undead lead by Der'ge and his Karkien masters it is said that the city was turned to a mound of ask with in minutes.


Sordan has no military it's only protection currently is from hired mercenaries.


Jhyn Devereux currently has created no form of government as of yet, his word is law in Sordan for the time being.


Jhyn Devereux controls the entire settlement with some funding from Tharoon the Blue. Tharoon the Blue has no control of the settlement but has agreed to assist Sordan whenever needed.


  • Sordan, along with Sashie Rah, were the first two cities / towns to get released to players.
  • Sordan was the name of a town in The Trio's previous server The Legends of Talnere.