Religious Belief

Shaa-dur is the Karkien god of pleasure, lust, and fornication. Shaa-dur was created by Asurmen to be an opposite of the god Veldoran. Worshiping of Shaa-dur was the cause of The War of the Black and White Dragon. Shaa-dur rules of a portion of Karkien known as Plezurka, an area of large dark spires and lava that is inhabited by twisted creatures that harvest the souls of the demented. Due to the closing of Karkien not much is known about Shaa-dur but he remains one of the most praised Karkien gods in all of Venera.

Religious Depiction

Shaa-dur is depicted as a tall and lean Vasil wearing purple robes holding a large black staff with blood red symbols floating around his figure. Shaa-dur is praised by many Vasil and remains one of the most prevalent Karkien gods to this day. Followers often keep slaves and use them to please their own dark fantasies....