Religious Belief


A Emerald Amultet

Sau'cea is said to be the god of acrobatics and stealth. Sau'cea is believed to have created the Saurians. Due to this Saurians praise Sau'cea with a passion. Sau'cea is credited for saving Veldoran when he was almost killed by the Karkien god Shaa-dur.

The whereabouts of Sau'cea at the dawn of the Third Era are currently unknown. It is believed the gods may have locked themselves outside of Mahnuj. With all of the suffering and death that came along with the Years of Wandering after the Karkien Decimation, the Saurians began to lose faith that their god would ever return. Their prayers went unanswered for centuries. Faith in Sau'cea has largely been replaced by Aranji worship thanks to the Crusades of Shen Safrath, the Black Dragon of Aranji. The only ones that keep true to the old ways are the Eldest Saurians who are forced to worship in private for fear of being outcast by the crusaders.

Religious Depiction

Sau'cea is depicted as a mighty green reptilian dragon. His stone is the Emerald and if found or worn it is said to give the finder/wearer haste, precision, and stealth.