There are a few rules set up here on The Realms of Kalgranoon to make sure that everyone has a good time here, and things are fair. It is very important that you thoroughly look over these rules. It is important to know that they may change at any given time.


Out-of-Game RulesEdit


2.) No spamming the chat.

3.) No hacks.

4.) No OOC racism whatsoever.

5.) Try to contain the cussing, it's fine if you swear, but overuse will make you look like an idiot.

6.) Respect the admins.

7.) No taking advantage of glitches, bugs, or plugin issues, or exploits.

8.) No block jumping.

9.) No sharing account information.

In-Game RulesEdit


2.) Stay in RP 24/7!!!

3.) No combat-logging (disconnecting in the middle of a fight)

4.) Respect and abide by the lore.

5.) RP Griefing is fine HOWEVER both parties have to be in agreement, if you think something is not seriously considering it (they think they are invincible) PM one of the admins.

6.) DON'T OOC IN RP CHAT (A few times is fine but more than 5 times back in forth is bad, there is an OOC chat for a reason.)

7.) You are only allowed TWO characters per MC acc. (this may be reduced in the future to one, however you can register a new account once we put up the app for that)


9.) No RP'ing an Evil Character, or something of the sorts, without an ARPA.

Forum RulesEdit

1.) No spamming the Forums, this also entails posting meaningless 1 sentence posts to rack up your post count.

2.) When browsing the IC part of the Forums post IC.

3.) Don't advertise other Servers.

4.) Don't advertise anything illegal.

5.) Don't promote any illegal items/substances.

6.) Do not hack or use any account other than your own.

7.) Do not double post.

8.) Do not create multiple accounts with malicious intent in mind, this takes into account making a new forum account due to a previous one being banned.