Religious Belief

Lapis necklace2

A lapis Amulet

Lilyath is the god of love and creation she is believed to be the first god of Mahnuj, the creator of Kalgranoon and its other gods. Lilyath is praised by many in Venera and she is known for her kindness and gifts to the people of Venera. Lilyath created VeldoranKalin , Sau'cea , and Asurmen . Lilyath, however, was betrayed by Asurmen and was eventually killed by him. Lilyath placed a curse on his people uttering the famous quote, "You.. I created you, Asurmen, you were like a child to me. But I was blind you became too powerful and turned on us all. I may fade into nothingness but your time on my realm is spent! May your race wither away on this world and die... and you, Asurmen, you are no longer a god.. you are no longer my son! You are now a simple mortal... may you die well!". Lilyaths death pushed Venera into the second half of the Second Era, A.F or After Fall.

Religious Depiction

Lilyath is mainly depicted as a beautiful female deity that resembles a Kalnuur but is believed to have a beauty that would attract any person upon Kalgranoon, male or female. Her stone is lapis lazuli, wearing or finding this stone is believed to bring good fortune and love.