Religious Belief

Kurdara was the first god to be created and first to rule the realm of Karkien. He is known as the god plague and decay. Not much is know about Kurdara it is said that he rules over a portion of Karkien and assisted Asurmen in his escape from Venera but it has never really been proven. Much remains unknown due to the fact Karkien remains closed to the inhabitants of Venera.

Religious Depiction

Kurdara is commonly depicted as a Kalnuur male rotting away on a large rusted iron throne. Kurdara is rarely praised in Venera there are few people that even speak his name. However the few cults that do praise him often do so in secret and are known to hang rotting bodies from trees as an offering to Kurdara. It is believed that by hanging rotting corpses Kurdara will give those responsible immortality. Any cult activates such as praising Kurdara is banned in High Serath and is seen as heresy almost every where else.