Karkien is a massive realm created by Asurmen and ruled over by the Karkien gods. Not much is known about this area but it is said the realm is sliced into several parts each ruled over by a single Karkien god dead or alive. This realm was closed during the fall by the people of Venera and the god Veldorans intervention. The only thing keeping the realm closed is the Circlet Of Vengeance created by Veldoran after the fall. If this artifact was destroyed Karkien would once again spill into Venera. Karkien is not considered a part of Mahnuj and is in fact its own separate realm entirely.

Sects of Karkien

Karkien is broken into numerous different portions, or Sects. Each Sect being ruled over by a different Karkien Lord. There are currently only a few known Sects, and it is unknown if more may exist. The Sects known currently are as follows.


It has been said that Kurdara also rules over a Sect of Karkien, but it is currently unknown what that Sect is called. It is the same case for Agathor.

The Separation of Karkien and Mahnuj

In order to prevent the forces of the Karkien Realm from entirely obliterating Kalgranoon, the gods Kalin, Velordan, and Sau’cea descended into the depths of Karkien to split the two realms from each other once and for all. The Lords of Karkien Taritain, Zahruff, and Kurdara rose up to oppose the Three and defend their father, Asurmen, who had been turned mortal during the fall 400 years before. The gods engaged in a tumultuous clash of good and evil that would decide the fate of two entire realms, Mahnuj and Karkien. The battle ended with a mighty contest of power between the the Three and Asurmen himself in his mortal form, although still immensely powerful. The concurrent burst of divine energy, both dark and light, sealed the two realms from interacting with each other for the rest of eternity. Karkien is now run entirely independently of Mahnuj by the remaining Karkien Lords. Goings-on in the realm are now unknown to the denizens of Mahnuj.