Religious Belief


A Gold Amulet

Kalin is the god of strength and resilience. Kalin is believed to have created the Kalnuur because of this he is often praised by them. Kalin is however a universal god and many warriors praise Kalin.

The whereabouts of Kalin at the dawn of the Third Era are currently unknown, although a select few amongst the Kalnuur believe him to still be with them. It is believed the gods may have locked themselves outside of Mahnuj.

When Galax was launched, the Kalnuur relished in their good fortune. The sudden prosperity of their race was attributed to Kalin. This led to a slight resurgence inthe popularity of the church and a new Church of Galax was established, revering their old deity. When Kalin failed to manifest himself time and time again, however, the Church began to slowly wane in popularity once more, leaving only a small number of devout followers.

Religious Depiction

Kalin is depicted as a large Kalnuur male wearing regal armor often holding a large sword. His stone is gold and if found or worn it is said the barer/finder strength and resilience.