Other Names: The World, Earth, Aeia
Inhabitants: Kalnuur, Vasil, Saurian
Located: Mahnuj

Kalgranoon is the name of the planet that The Realms of Kalgranoon is set in. Many continents exist on the planet, but only a small few are known of. Kalgranoon, along with its three moons, (Midas, Muras, and Malrus; listed from smallest to largest) and its sun, Ursia, are the only known things inhabiting the realm known as Mahnuj

Venera is the main, and center continent of Kalgranoon. It is split into three regions, each housing its respective species. Venera was rendered lifeless by the Karkien Decimation.

Sashie Rah - Ancestral home of the Saurians.

High Serath - Ancestral home of the Kalnuur.

Adanedhel - Ancestral home of the Vasil.

Current knowledge of the world consists of Venera, Vanteria, and the frigid isle of Ishdaar. After the Karkien Decimation, the fate of the rest of the world is unknown to the denizens of Vanteria.

Kalgranoon has three moons; Midas, Muras, and Malrus. Midas being the smallest, Muras being medium-sized, and Malrus, the largest. The three moons look almost exactly the same, and as such it is very hard to tell what moon is what, the three moons continue to alternate between which moon will be shown that night. Many cults and societies will use this to their advantage by planning out events when a certain moon is in the sky. Due to unknown magics, only one moon can be present to the mortal eye at once. This is believed to be due to the fact that Lilyath shrouded the sky when Asurmen began to gain too much power. Mages regard the moons, stars, and even sun as sources of magic. In fact most mages can attest to the fact that they can feel a clear boost in their magic once Malrus is visible in the sky. Some mages believe that the upon one of the moons there is a species of ancient magical creatures called Moogles, perhaps this is the source of this arcane boost.