The most basic and accessible kind of food in Venera . Bread is very nourishing and can hold a regularly sized man for a while. However, bread is rather bland, and is more used in cases if nothing else is nearby.


Apples are fairly easy to obtain. Most Oak trees have a small supply of them, and can be found by simply searching in the right place.


Cows meat can be sliced into layers of beef. When eaten without cooking, it will restore a minor amount of sustenance, beef is much more prized when cooked, as steak.


When the Beef from Steak is cooked, it will deliver a much more tasty dish. Steaks are often served at inns and taverns, and are liked by the majority of Veneras citizens.

Fish (uncooked)

Best to eat on the go. The daring Adventurer can eat the Fish scales and all, although the preferred method of choice, it cooked and scaleless.

Fish (cooked)

A rare dish around Venera, is the cooked fish. When cooked and sheared of its scales it can make quite the treat.

Porkchop (uncooked)

Not much by itself, but when cooked will create a marvelous dish.

Porkchop (cooked)

The Cooked Porkchop is a delicacy around Venera, many Inns will serve the dish to willing customers.

Chicken (uncooked)

A bit risky to eat without cooking first. Raw Chicken has a chance to make the consumer more hungry than they were before.

Chicken (cooked)

Due to the size of most Chicken's the entire body of the Chicken, can be taken in one sitting, will restore a minor bit of sustenance.

Mushroom Stew

A hearty dish. When combining red and brown mushrooms with water, it creates a rather delicious stew. It is often prefered warm, but cold is just as delicious.


The Cake is a very hearty dessert. Often saved for parties or special gatherings, a cake is eaten in six sittings. However, one may have no problem in gobbling the pastry down in a couple of minutes.


Farmers are often found growing a patch of melons. The slices obtained from them are mostly used as a light snack. When covered in gold, they are also used in Alchemy.


Farmers often grow carrots and eat them as a small snack, Many farmers herd pigs with carrots and when covered in a light layer of gold it can be used in alchemy.


Farmers grow potatos for both themselves and for there animals. Be careful however eating raw potato could get you sick, some are even poisoned. 

Baked Potato

When a potato is cooked it becomes a great snack, many people live on potatos alone.


A rather rare find, Cookies are prized for their use of Cocoa Beans, a rather rare type of beans usually found in Jungles.