Roses are beautiful red flower that grow all over Venera but tend to be slightly rarer then dandelions. These roses are used to express feelings such as love and affection and are also used in remedies and even fine wines. If mixed with wheat and water it can create a great anti-ageing serum. It can even be mixed with grass and ice to create a great cream for burns. Rose petals mixed with water only create a vibrant red dye and when mixed with dandelion petals it creates an orange dye. Roses live off of water and grow almost everywhere.



Dandelions are yellow flowers found all over Venera. They are a small yellow flowers that are used in medications. If ground and mixed with water they also make a fantastic yellow dye it can also be mixed with other colors making brilliant oranges. Dandelions can also be ground with a mortar and pestle in style and mixed with various ingredients to create a remedy for cuts, back pain, stomach troubles ect. It can also be mixed with wheat and ground rose petals to create a remedy for hair loss. They live on water and grow in almost any soil.