Aliases: The Last Zurgator
Race: Zurgator
Age: Unknown
Status: Deceased

Draath or The Last Zurgator was a creature that was found in the depths of an unknown cavern. He was found in a very weak state by Tharoon the Blue along with a small group of people. Draath was kept behind iron bars, along with his dear throne, the only thing that kept him alive and kicking. Once he was discovered by Tharoon he flew into a fit of rage. Later Draath escaped from his prison and attacked the people in the cavern. Eventually an unknown person stabbed the center of Draath's throne, a large chunk of coal. Slowly Draath withered away....


Draath before he got his armor.

A few months later, a mage by the name of Xephyr Bleakwind came to the cavern and preformed an array of odd rituals in order to bring Draath back to life. Draath was now clad in blood red armor as apposed to his previous grey mage robes thanks to Xephyr's handiwork. The Last Zurgator then escaped from the cavern and wreaked havoc among the denizens of Venera. Countless people dies by his hands, including Tharoon the Blue! Moments after Tharoon was killed both Draath and Lazerak partook in a brawl that ended with the long deserved death of the Last Zurgator.


  • It was later revealed that Draath was responsible for the death of Lazerak's first wife.