Dirak (plural: Direk) is a minor currency in Venera. The coin is almost completely phased out of circulation, and not many are even aware of its existence. The Dirak was first created after a group of serfs, lead by a Kalnuur known as Jermain Dirak, stormed into The Great Spire and demanded that either prices be lowered, or something be done to accommodate for the lower class residents.

The result was the creation of the Dirak. A small iron coin that dawned Jermain's face on one side, and some wheat on the other. It was established that 25 Dirak made up one Yaath. The coin was used quite frequently, but following Jermain's death it slowly began to phase out of circulation. The coin is barely used now-a-day's.

Since The Great Spire has been discovered in recent times, the Dirak seemed to have completely faded out of existance. While the Yaath began to be circulated again...the Dirak lessened in worth. It is now safe to call the currency worthless. Whether it will make a return in the future, no one knows for sure.