Originally a district on the outer ring of Galax, Cantor is a small floating island village. Cantor was one of the sections of Galax separated from the main landmass during the Black Sheep bombing at the end of the Second Dustman War. Cantor was one of the fortunate towns during this incident, as its generator was only slightly damaged, and it managed to remain aloft albeit at a lower altitude. Some other less fortunate towns along the outer ring plummeted to the ground during this incident, causing the deaths of hundreds of innocents.

After the bombing, the few towns that were separated were granted the right to govern themselves in a limited capacity having their own mayor and local regulations. However, the ultimate judge on the legislation of Cantor is still the Governor of Galax. The Mayor of Galax manages the running of the town's economy and industry, local resource management, and transportation to the surface, to the other separated islands, and to Galax proper. Most-if-not-all of the same laws that govern Galax proper still hold true on the islands as well.

In the 30 years since the official end of the Second Dustman War, the Galaxian government has begun to use Cantor and the other separated islands as a screening area for new arrivals to the city. Instead of being transferred straight to Galax proper, new immigrants from the wastes are sent to the separated islands to undergo intense screening procedures before being issued a travel visa. For most residents of Cantor and the other separated villages, this has become a nuisance, the towns have become overcrowded with refugees and travelers hoping to move to the safety of Galax.

Living conditions on these islands are not ideal. Without the sanitary engineers of Galax, the streets quickly became dirty and industry-polluted. In recent times, the steam engineers of these outlying villages have become worried that the generators will not be able to handle the stress for much longer and have petitioned Galax for newer, stronger replacements.

Cantor is home to the oldest of the Galaxian Churches of Kalin from the time just after the launch of the city. It is erroneously named "The Second Church of Kalin" because the Nobles insisted upon making the church of Inner Galax the primary name-holder. Cantor's Church is now home to the travel visa registration office and the Cantor Clinic, each established shortly after the bombing.