Religious Belief


A Ruby Amulet

Asurmen is believed to be the god of anger,malice, and rage. It is said Asurmen was the first god created by Lilyath. Asurmen is responsible for the fall and for the killing of Lilyath. Many citizens of Venera refuse to even accept him as a god and many claim he no longer has any power over Venera. Asurmen created the Zurgator and Karkien gods which practically destroyed Venera. Asurmen is credited for creating the Karkien gods Kurdara, Jeezela, Taritain, Agathor, and Shaa-dur as well as the realm of Karkien. He was turned into a mortal before Lilyaths death and escaped with the Zurgator into the realm of Karkien and sealed off from Venera by Veldoran.

The fate of Asurmen is currently unknown. When the Realm of Karkien was sealed away by The Three Travelers at the end of the Second Era, his influence was purged from Mahnuj permanently. Some believe that The Three Travelers may have even destroyed him from existence altogether.

Religious Depiction

Asurmen is depicted as a beautiful, well built Vasil warrior, His face when depicted always has a sinister grin on it. His stone is the Ruby and if found or worn it is seen as an omen of death or very bad luck. Many places in Venera have banned the use or selling of Rubies because of this.