Ancient History

When the Zurgator were created and entered Venera in the years before The Fall Lilyath herself needed to intervene in some way that Asurmen would not notice. Lilyath watched as the races below were ravaged and destroyed by Asurmen's Zurgator, she had to take a stand and assist her beloved people in some way. She created three powerful beings that would help the people of Venera. These powerful beings are now known as Adrazi or demigods each were created in the vision of each individual race. Tharoon, Larzerak, and Der'ge were created and sent down into the world of Venera. Tharoon took on the look of an old and wise Kalnuur while Larzerak was created to look like a Vasil and Der'ge resembled a Saurian , They all wore different colored robes and had a staff of power. These three Adrazi assisted in the fight against the Zurgator with each of the races. These beings were powerful and held great magical and physical prowess over the other races.

As the war went on with the Zurgator the Adrazi Der'ge disappeared and Tharoon and Larzerak were left to fight the Zurgator with out the help of Der'ge. Tharoon and Larzerak were known to lead many battles and fights during the fall becoming famous durring that period of time. Many say with out the help of the Adrazi Venera surely would have fallen. As the war ended the Adrazi assisted the races reconstruction of there cities and goverments. 

Modern History

After the fall the Adrazi were cut off from Lilyath due to her death and thus were stuck in the mortal realm of Venera. Eventually the two Adrazi retreated to The Two Towers and created the Adrazi council that would meet once every year to discuss various topics regarding Venera's current state. Tharoon was soon known as "The Blue Wizard" and or "The Wandering Adrazi". Lazerak went on to open a school of sorts for magical learning and lead the Vasil. Both Adrazi however keep a vigil watch over Venera lest another great threat faces it.

Sometime later in the year Der'ge made his reappearance after being gone for years and years on end. However his return coincided with that of the Protective Barrier acting up. Some believe that Der'ge may have had something to do with the barriers behavior. No one currently knows why Der'ge returned when he did, or why he left in the first place.

The Third Era

By the end of the Second Age, all of the Adrazis were either confirmed dead or were missing. None of them have shown their faces for over five centuries.

It is believed that the being known as "The Blue Sprite" may have something to do with the Adrazi, specifically Tharoon the Blue...